Friday 2/15 12:57 PM
Town Nights: On Duty: Regular weekday rotation
Off Dorm: Patrick Sleater (2/14 - 2/17)
Lucy Owen (2/14 - 2/15)
Jess. Campbell ( 2/14 3p to 2/15 3p)
Maggie Chang (late return Sunday)
Drama evening rehearsals:
Tues 2/19- Friday 2/22
Zuo, Emily  Smith, Ann Caton;
Brown, Olivia; Philips, Maddy;
Deaton, Jimmy; Packard, Margot;
Day students ON Dorm: Efird, Elli; Owen, Lucy;
Ford, Raven; Newman-Lombardo, Milo;
Gee, Audrey; Mulwee, Jack;
Health Center: Koon, Kerry; Moore, Marshall;
Viso, Richard; Trivers, Addie;
Leiner, Kathy Meyers; Mavar, Skylar;
Mainwaring, Annie; Alliata, Matteo
Martin, Conquest; Mason, Karen;
Students w/ Concussions: Kamryn Graham 11/12 Late to Study Hall:  Lulu H (Mon & Wed-gone 7-9pm)
Nicole Alleyne 11/27 Alyssa D (Mon & Wed-gone 7-9pm)
Vanessa Jones 1/8
Gig Currie 1/26